Apron Tutorial

 My latest Spoonflower design is a cut and sew apron for men, which makes use of my diamond plate fabric. I altered it slightly after these pictures so that the chain looks a little better and the pockets are a little taller. I used linen-cotton canvas to make this one, but I don't recommend that, unless you are using a machine and needle designed for heavy-duty sewing. I think the Kona Cotton would be sufficient for this project.

Despite including a lot of pressing and hemming, this is a pretty easy project. It only took me about an hour to complete from first cut to finish.

 Cut out all pieces. You should have the main apron piece, a pocket and three long strips (chains) for the tie.


 Sew three long strips together, end to end to create one long piece.

 Fold and press ends 1/2”. Fold and press sides (lengthwise) 1/2”.

Fold in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) and press.

Sew ends and length of tie 1/8” inch from edge.


Fold and press one of the long sides of the pocket 1/4”. Fold again and press 3/4”. Hem.

(This will be the top of the pocket. You can tell which way is "up" by paying attention to the shadows.)

 Line up other edges of pocket with bottom and sides of apron and baste together 1/4” from edges. Clipping the corners now will make it a little easier to deal with all the layers of fabric when you try to fold it in a minute.


 Fold and press bottom and sides 1/4”.

 Fold and press again 1/2”.

 Hem. (This is where is gets especially difficult with the canvas. Even with the clipped corners, that corner has several layers to sew through.)

 Fold and press top edge 1/4” Fold and press again 3/4”. Hem.

 You're almost done. All the edges should be finished now except for those two diagonals.

 Fold and press diagonals 1/4”. Fold and press again 1 1/4”. Hem.

These should have openings in both ends to slide tie through.

  Clip a safety pin on one end of the tie. Starting at the bottom of one of the diagonals, thread the tie up and out, then over to the top of the other diagonal, and down through. Pull tie through until it is even on both sides.

(It turned out this was one advantage to the canvas. It was so stiff, the safety pin wasn't really necessary.)

Finish up by sewing near pocket lines (weld lines).

Viola! I'd love to see photos of finished aprons worn by their recipients.

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